Ewing-James is an advocate for making connections through material, through artwork and designs, she considers how we relate to the materials and objects ingrained within our everyday lives. 


Ewing-James explores our contemporary relationship with materials, in particular, ceramics, a material with which we have had a long standing connection with, one that documents change, tradition, pride and the extremities that have taken place within cultures throughout the world. Through seemingly familiar objects she combines ceramics with other materials as contrast but also in the creation of relationships; composing ceramics, concrete, linen, thread and light to segment and distort familiar patterns, shapes and objects that we connect with through the everyday, tradition, play and industry. Hoping to retain the familiar and the connection, the objects and materials speak about industries, craft, people and place.


Through material explorations, Ewing-James hopes to retain integrity in presenting objects embodied with stories, connections with people, sharing the pride inherent to place.