The Rosenthal Archive - Porzellanikon Museum, Selb, Germany. May 2015

I visited the Porzellanikon Museum, Selb, Germany and had the most amazing and unbelievable access to the Rosenthal Archives. I was shown around and guided through the collection by the curator of the Porzellankion Museum Petra Werner. Porzellanikon and Rosenthal Curator Petra Werner is the fountain of knowledge concerning Rosenthal and Porcelain, I was very lucky to have Petra Werner show me around the collection and talk to me about the work. design, collection, company and history.

I would like to thank several people involved with the Porzellanikon Museum, Selb. Please accept my most sincere thanks for helping me to organise such an intense and fantastic research visit and for facilitating my stay and looking after me in Selb Wilhelm Siemen, Jana Göbel, Thomas Miltschus and of course Petra Werner!!

I would also like to take this chance to Thank the Muriel Gahan Scholarship Award that was given to me in order to make this Research Visit Happen! Without the support from the Royal Dublin Society of Arts and the Muriel Gahan Scholarship Award I could not have made such an important  research trip.

If you are interested in the Rosenthal collection and porcelain production and manufacture you certainly SHOULD visit this museum, if not to organise a visit to the collection (which you need to do several weeks in advance!) definitely visit the 3 museums of: The History of Porcelain Museum, the Rosethanal Museum and the Industrial Ceramics Museum. For Travel, if you can fly into Leipzig, that could be best, but if not fly to Munich and rent a car to drive to Selb, it is VERY simple and GPS makes is even easier.


Have a look through some photo's from my visit...


Please expect more from me about this visit, it is already stimulated the development of a completely new body of work I am very excited! Keep and eye out for it in the next few months.