I'm working on an exciting collaboration with two great friends and wonderful makers!! We will be working on creating work to exhibit together in the next year and more! Our first exhibition will be the 'Space Craft' Gallery in Belfast!!

Here is  little snipet from the Blog we keep together (Below is the link, follow and read away :-) ..)

"We are working towards a travelling exhibition that comments on the relationship between contemporary reliance on mass produced products and the objects and materials we relate intimately to on a daily basis, or through a nostalgic lens. By combining the found object, ceramics, plastic, lights and found materials, the artists hope to explore the implications of our material culture on the relationship we have with everyday objects.

Although this is the general theme around which the artists coalesce, each artist has their own distinct voice and area of interest. Chris is interested in the adaptions we make to mass produced items in order to make them useful and even valuable to the individual. Rhiannon’s work adopts a more experimental form akin to installation, and explores our lost industrial heritage. Elaine’s work is suggestive of a universal, primal instinct to form tools from the natural environment in order to further work the environment to our advantage.

As certain as that all sounds at the moment, that is merely the framework we are working within. Each of us are hoping to be pleasantly surprised by what we discover and make in the coming months! " - Chris Banks