Some food for though...


I have been browsing through some ideas, research and thoughts and I came across a really thoughtful discussion concerning materiality and our material culture, objects found and made, hybridisation through combining practices and so on, have a look I have quoted a few topics that they will discuss. 


I am very much looking forward to the published book... I hope even more to be in the audience of the symposium! The link is below is you want to do a bit more reading.

" Material Culture in Action: 

Practices of making, collecting and re-enacting art and design.

This proposed discussion, book and symposium will discuss the following ideas:

The Art School: Objects, meanings and subjectives in the making.

Un/made and un/finished objects and narratives

Archives and indexes: Making with the archive/Reenacting the archive

Materiality and narrative of the self, attachment, entanglement and appropriation.

Multi-sensorial and affective materialities: touching, seeing, hearing, making.

Please and practice: craft (activism), amateur practices, DIY and vernacular cultures.

Typologies of collecting - the connoisseur and the amateur collector/horder - (Un)official curators and popular archivists.

The seen and the invisible, the disappearing and the lost

Im/Material cultures

-Haunting, hybridity, and the interpenetration of the material and the immaterial - Digital materialities and practices. "