Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferie Emerging Artist Residency, Neumünster - Sept 2015

I had the most wonderful experience at the Künstlerhaus

Stadttöpferie in Neumünster, for one whole month I could dedicate ALL of my time to developing and creating a new body of work in response to the Rosenthal Archive research trip I took earlier this year and to the rich textile history of Neumünster in Germany.

During my time in Neumünster I....:

- Met some fantastic people! My colleague, friend and fellow resident artist Juri Fukuoka (Japan). She makes beautiful and thoughtful work, she also has a huge solo exhibition in the Yingge Museum of Ceramics in Taipei in Taiwan please await more information for this great event!
The Stadttöpferie Creative Director - Danijela Pivasevic-Tenne - Is a really great artist whom I really admire! She has worked in many remarkable ceramic factories, she has made really challenging art work using ceramics, she manages the residency centre in Neumünster AND she has a beautiful and welcoming family who I am also very thankful to.

Marco de Jong, Eeva Schulz and the MEGA SOCK - Both of which are warm and incredibly funny people I am very thankful for their friendship and support during my stay in Neumünster.

- I Spun my OWN wool! - Yes I made my own wool! I was taught by a local woman who also gave Juri and I a tour around the town and to the local textile museum where she later taught me to spin wool for my art work. She is a fantastic teacher!

- I took a bucket of water form one of the cannals in Neumünster - I think I must have "ARTIST" written on my forehead, because no one batted an eyelid.

- I used Jesmonite and Silicone which I have never used before!

- AND I made some work which I am really excited about! 


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!! I am incredibly happy and excited for the work ahead.