Craft Fest, 2014! Castleward, Down Patrick, NI.

What a fantastic weekend at Craft Fest! I was demonstrating with my great friend Robyn Galway, a fantastic jeweller who questions jewellery and what we would consider wearable jewellery also a recent graduate! And my also great friend Nicola Drennan, a potter and alternative firing goddess! We were surrounded by the more established artists and makers at Craft Fest, which made it a great learning experience.

Thank you to Jan Irwin, the Director of the Craft and Design Collective in Belfast who organised the entire event! It was such a GREAT weekend!

At one point I got talking to a lovely woman called Beverley, she has a great website called 'Along came Dad' and she put up a great piece of writing covering the event and also she has some beautiful images of a lot of the makers and myself. I would like to credit the images below to Ivan and Beverley who took the time to come to the event, talk with us and even put up their shots! THANK YOU!