'Royal Dublin Society National Craft Awards', 2014.

The RDS National Craft Awards have put together a beautiful and innovative exhibition including craft - design - art and a huge breadth of materials!

The Exhibition Opened 29th of July and Closes 10th of August

Me below with my work titled, 'Bridge'. - It was a beautiful and exciting opening! I'm VERY lucky to have been nominated for the IACI MURIEL GAHAN SCHOLARSHIP, 2014 along with several other AMAZING makers (I'm not hedging my bets on getting anything but I am very pleased to have been nominated!!)

The RDS Curators Dara and Veronica have put together a fantastic show over the past few years, this year with 2 assistants who were brilliant!! A big THANK YOU to the curators and those who helped and also to the art installer, RDS woodworker, electrician and maintenance employees, they made me feel very welcome and helped me a great deal especially when I was causing havoc putting my work up before the show ;-)