FUTURE MAKERS AWARD!! Thank you very much!

What a  beautiful night in Dublin! I spent the day gallery visiting; the  RHA with their annual exhibition (Keep an eye out for next year maybe I'll be in it!! I hope!), Oliver Sears with a fantastic Colin Davidson exhibition, The Douglas Hyde Gallery with a minimalist Giorgio Griffa exhibition ( I LOVED this exhibition, this Gallery is my fav every time I visit Dublin).

So! To finish off this beautiful day of galleries and coffee I ended up winning the Future Makers Material Support Fund along with my friend Sasha McVeigh!! The evening included the Future Maker awards for professionals and students, I saw some beautifully innovative designs, craft and art work, ALL from Ireland!!

Click on the link below to see some images and find out some more info.


Rhiannon Ewing-James Left and Sasha McVeigh Right